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      Normally, the regulator only cares about the modes of use without regard to the maintenance mode. Just like when we are sick, we just ask for help, but when the health is not very careful, and consequently the disease has deepened, the treatment becomes much more difficult. Also, if you are not interested in maintenance, when you are seriously damaged, you call the repair worker, at which point the cost of repairing the air conditioner will increase, and the components and equipment inside will be severely damaged. Or have to replace. At the time, we only regret: if we pay more attention to maintenance, it probably will not cost a lot of money.

Sudiho provides professional air conditioning maintenance services in Hanoi

Sudiho provides professional air conditioning maintenance services in Hanoi

      In addition to maintenance and repair services, we also provide affordable air conditioning installation services in the city of Hanoi.

   Hazardous effects when failure to maintain periodic conditioning:

    + You and your loved ones use the air environment is not clean and many bacteria when the air conditioning is not cleaned, periodic maintenance. Lead to respiratory diseases, especially infants and young children, because the respiratory tract of children is vulnerable.
    + Air conditioner is not cleaned, maintenance carefully led to hot running, capacity loss, gas loss, ... will lead to shorten life expectancy, this situation will cause a short fire, air conditioning.
    + Air conditioning will consume a lot of power, while not fully utilize the cooling capacity as originally designed from the manufacturer.


Disassemble the regulator according to the process during maintenance

   If you find your home air conditioning has any of the following signs, do so immediately:

    + During operation, the regulator emits a strange sound and sees a water leak.
    + When it has cooled down, it still does not feel cool.
    + Poorly responsive, flicker or uncontrolled controllable as usual.
    + Air conditioning has a foul odor, unpleasant smell and you feel the air from air conditioning is not healthy.
    + Look at the cooler, there are many dust in the wind chimes.
    + You do not remember the last time you maintained or loaded gas regulator is the time.

   How to identify repair unit, maintenance and good air conditioning professional:

    + Accurate, timely, and timely manner of meeting the owner.
    + Check the overall heating and cooling rig, and then report the condition to the homeowner before carrying out maintenance.
    + Receive payment only after completion of the work, and clean and return the status of the clean room as the original.
    + Careful process, detail and safety are always top priority. If your home rig is in a difficult position, the service technician must have all necessary safety equipment before servicing.
    + Do not draw disease, through the eyes of customers by means of bait.
    + Maintenance costs are paid in the same way as the agreement between the owner and the maintenance person.

   In addition to the above, what is the difference of the Sudiho refrigeration center

    + SUDIHO is an application developed by the Sudiho Refrigeration Research Center, which aims to minimize repair and maintenance of cutting force and customer service. Thanks to this application, the cost of repair and maintenance is the cheapest for customers.
    + Technicians of the Sudiho refrigeration engineering center always use the SUDIHO application to negotiate maintenance and repair costs. As a result, this cost is the lowest in the market.
    + Appreciate the status of the owner's room, do not voluntarily move the furniture during the machine maintenance.
    + Careful, sure and dedicated.
    + From style to attitude are according to the rules and standards of Sudiho center.

dùng nước áp lực xịt rửa điều hòa

Use pressure water hose to remove 100% bacteria and dirt on the cooler

   The maintenance process is done by Sudiho technician as follows:

1. Check the operation of the air conditioner

    + Check the condition of the cooler (inside the house), hot rig (outside the house) and body of the machine.
    + Check the wiring harness, the screws and tighten if there are signs of slipping.
    + Check the ventilation of both the rig and the cooler, if there are strange objects inside, need to remove completely.

2. Clean air conditioning

    + Clean the fan and fan assembly of the cooler.
    + Clean the heat exchanger of the heating rig and rigid frame.
    + Clean the condenser chute of the cooler.
    + Clean the chassis of both the cooler and the rig.
    + Check that there occurs leakage of gas or not, if there must be treated immediately.

3. Check gas flow and replenish gas

4. Start air conditioning and keep checking

    + Detailed monitoring of the hot rig during startup.
    + Detects and measures the noise and vibration of the air conditioner on both the heating and cooling towers.
    + Detectors and measures the noise and vibration of the air conditioner on both the heating and cooling towers.
    + Control down / increase the temperature and check the output temperature of the cooler to meet the standard.
    + Turn off the air conditioner and check for the second time before the maintenance process.

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There are many centers or units that provide air-conditioning maintenance services, such as: prestige, best quality, lowest price, and commitment not to spoil customers ... But you are Consumers are wise, You witness and evaluate the way we work as well as other centers when using this service. We are always with our loyal customers from the beginning of establishment in 7/2012. We want our customers to have the best service, the cheapest repair or maintenance on the market. Choose us and choose according to your wisdom.

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