How to know the air conditioning technician tricked me

      In addition to the prestigious repair and maintenance units, there are many units that are born immediately in the heat of summer to profit from the customer. These units often cheat customers by drawing more disease when repairing and maintaining air conditioning to get more money. So how to know the repair and maintenance of air conditioning are fooling themselves? Today the refrigeration engineering center of Sudiho will share with you about this issue and prepare yourself for the basic knowledge to not be repaired by air conditioning repairer!

Chuyên cung cấp dịch vụ lắp đặt điều hòa giá rẻ, uy tín và chuyên nghiệp tại hà nội

How to know the repairman deceiving the customer cheat

      Repairing air conditioners tell you that air conditioning is out of Gas.

      The mouth that many repairers or maintenance of air conditioning or report to customers after inspection is: "Your home air conditioning is missing gas!". In fact, the state of harmony is missing or out Gas is very rarely occur. Harmonics only occurs in this situation in two cases:
      The first is the long-term air conditioning, the gas pipeline is leaking at the joints, or it can be caused by a breakdown of the pipe, resulting in loss of gas.
      Secondly, during the installation of the air conditioner, unskilled laborers installed non-standard air conditioners, did not comply with the procedures such as the installation of pipe joints, not emptying in the tube, not tested Check and properly load the correct amount of gas according to the regulations of each manufacturer.

      Management of the technical center of refrigeration Sudiho with 15 years experience in repairing air conditioning said: Signs of air conditioning exhausted Gas will have oil stains. This is because the refrigerated gas has to run through the compressed air block. If you find your machine is dry, there is no oil leakage sure to leak or drain Gas.

      If your home air conditioner is missing or out of gas, you will notice the following signs: Machine is cold, there is the phenomenon of snow sticking small valve of the outdoor unit.

Mánh khóe của thợ sửa điều hòa lừa bịp khách hàng

Repairers often report faults are missing gas

      The trick of workers to cheat customers through the gas

      Some other factors that can make your home air conditioning cooler is that you are mistakenly switched to air conditioning dehumidifier. When the repairers come to see that the owner does not have a deep understanding of the field, then will be distracted and pretend to check around for a while and then concluded that air conditioning is lacking Gas. And after you agree to carry out repairs, they will pump gas for your home. You will have the repair person show you the amount of gas in the tank, but not the amount of gas left in the air conditioner. Then they take out the gas at the air conditioner while you are not paying attention and then pump gas and collect money according to the amount of gas loaded.

      Repairers burn fire, damage the circuit

      This is also a problem that repairers or homeowners, that your home air conditioner burns, damaged the circuit, but the nature is only broken wire, sensor failure, ... only.

      In hot summer, the air conditioner is constantly running, or it can be the maximum capacity, resulting in the heat of the machine, which burns and breaks off poor quality electrical wires nearby. Then block the machine is not connected, not running and only the fan in the indoor unit, and you feel your room is not cool. Another cause of this breakage is the mouse nest and bite off the wire inside the outdoor unit. Many times, when the regulator comes to a standstill, the only way to reconnect the power cord is to turn it back on. But they told the owner that the machine was damaged, short circuit, broken board and they bring back the board, say replace the new but when brought back is still your motherboard.

      Assuming that your home's air conditioner is actually burned, the technician will only buy for tens of thousands. In addition to the price of warranty, the replacement cost all around 400,000 ₫. But many workers are willing to "cut" for 700,000 - 850,000.

      For high-capacity refrigerators, you can check the fault of your home air conditioner at the control panel. Please press and hold the Cancel button at a time, it will show up error, to which the machine will sound long head. You can go online to check what the error is, if you have English as possible, go to the manufacturer itself to check exactly the error you are looking for. In this way, when the repairman comes, you can say right. And the repairman will not be able to fool you.

Mánh khóe của thợ sửa điều hòa lừa bịp khách hàng

Clean the filter regularly to make it more efficient

      Air Conditioner Weakly and poorly cooled

      When you use the air conditioner, you lower the lowest temperature, wait for long enough and still see the room still hot. The most common cause for this problem is due to long-term use that air conditioning is not maintained. Dust collectors are clogged, which obstructs the flow of air through the filter. This makes the room cooler even though the air conditioner is running at full capacity and consumes electricity.

      When the repairers meet this situation, it is only necessary to remove the mesh filter for cleaning, to clean the air flow is better with the cost of only 150,000 ₫ is finished, the workers report this disease the other or lack of gas to tap more money from customers. Therefore, be smart and wise consumers to avoid the "money-loss case".

      The above is a shared experience on how to know the mechanics of the fool to help you avoid falling into the case of repairers cheated trumpet and hacking in the summer as severe today. . If there is no address that you trust, please use our air conditioning repair service, air conditioning maintenance or air conditioning installation service. We have over 10 years of experience in repairing air conditioning in Hanoi. Our loyal customers are completely satisfied with the service we provide. Therefore, you are smart and wise consumers to avoid the case of money loss like the above!

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