Air Conditioner Installation Services in Hanoi

Air Conditioner Installation Services in Hanoi

Air Conditioner Installation Services in Hanoi

      With the current summer weather, especially in the inner city of Hanoi, the temperature can rise to more than 40 degrees Celcius. So the need for air conditioning installation service, air conditioners maintenance and repair air conditioning also increased. Sudiho Refrigeration Engineering Center provides prestige, cheap and professional air conditioning installation services in Hanoi.

      Air conditioning installation services are divided into two main parts, installation of air conditioning and installation of central air conditioning, industrial air conditioning..

   Installation services of civil air conditioners:

      Air conditioning is the air conditioning used in the home. We regularly install air conditioning in this array. Sudiho Refrigeration Center has over 10 years of experience in the field of installation, repair and maintenance of civil air conditioners. Years of experience are not many, but we are one of the units most trusted in Hanoi.

Providing civil air-conditioning installation services in Hanoi

Providing civil air-conditioning installation services in Hanoi

      We will take the following steps when you use Sudiho's civil air-conditioning installation service:

    + The technician will visit the actual location of the air conditioning installation in your home.
    + Listen to the opinions, requirements of customers and consult the location of the best air conditioning installation for your home.
    + Carry out the terms of contract with customers and quotation of installation services.
    + Performing the installation of air conditioning.
    + Repair of the wall position if cracking occurs during installation. Waterproofing, waterproofing at holes.
    + Checking and handing over construction items to customers.
    + Service payment with customers under review of the signed contract.
    + Warranty notice for installation services and notification of after-sales programs to customers.

   Price list for civil air-conditioning installation in Hanoi:

      We would like to send a quotation of civil air-conditioning installation service to you in Hanoi. (This is the price applicable for small capacity air conditioners from 9000-12,000 BTU with mounting position. set simple). Please contact directly to Hotline number of the center to be quoted in detail for your case.

No Categories ĐVT Quantity Unit price (VNĐ) Final payment (VNĐ) Notes
1 Installation costs 9,000BTU - 13,000BTU Set 150.000 vnđ
2 Installation costs 18.000BTU – 24.000BTU Set 250.000 vnđ
3 Installation costs for the INVETER machine use the gas 410 Set 250.000 vnđ
4 Installation cost 30,000 (Multi, wall mounted) Set 300.000 vnđ
5 The cost for air conditioners from 28,000BTU to 36,000BTU Set 400.000 vnđ
6 Installation costs for air conditioners from 48,000BTU - 52,000BTU Set 500.000 vnđ
7 Installation cost for Casette air conditioner 18,000BTU - 36,000BTU Set 500.000 vnđ
8 Installation costs for the Casette 48,000BTU - 52,000BTU Set 800.000 vnđ
9 The price of hot lumps for less than 18.000BTU wall mounted Set 71.000 vnđ
10 Price of hot stamping machine ≥ 18,000 BTU wall Set 90.000 vnđ
11 The price of hot stacks for 30,000BTU hanging wall Set 200.000 vnđ
12 The price of hot air conditioning cabinet stand Piece 260.000 vnđ
13 Automat 15/30A (Good quality) Piece 65.000 vnđ
14 Automat 3 phase Piece 250.000 vnđ
15 Sewage pipe (tube chun) met 8.000 vnđ
16 Insulated pipe (1m pipe = 1m fabric) met 8.000 vnđ
17 Insulation for 9,000BTU - 10.000BTU met 115.000 vnđ
18 Insulation for 12,000BTU - 18,000BTU met 125.000 vnđ
19 Insulated Coating for 24,000BTU - 30,000BTU and 18,000BTU Inverter Daikin met 180.000 vnđ
20 Insulation for 36,000BTU - 52,000BTU met 220.000 vnđ
21 Electric Wires (Tran Phu or Korean) 2 × 1.5 (9,000BTU) met 12.000 vnđ
22 Electric Wires (Tran Phu or Korean) 2×2.5 (12.000BTU) met 15.000 vnđ
23 Electric Wires (Tran Phu or Korean) 2×4.0 (9.000BTU) met 22.000 vnđ
24 Three phase electric wires from 30,000BTU - 52,000BTU met 62.000 vnđ
25 Set nut, screw Set 35.000 vnđ
26 Common protection cage (square steel) 9,000BTU - 12,000BTU Piece 300.000 vnđ
27 Covered cage (square steel) 9,000BTU - 12,000BTU Piece 400.000 vnđ
28 Covered cage (square steel) >12.000BTU Piece 450.000 vnđ
29 Covered roof (square steel) > 12,000BTU Piece 550.000 vnđ
30 Disassembly of old 8,000BTU - 24,000BTU Set 150.000 vnđ
31 Disassembly of old 28,000BTU - 48,000BTU Set 200.000 vnđ
32 Reload the gas for the old type of customer INVERTER Set 350.000 vnđ
33 Reload the gas for the old type of customer Set 100.000
34 Maintenance of old machines (< 18,000BTU) Set 100.000 vnđ
35 Small Electrode Gel met 7.500 vnđ
36 Medium Gel (Gel Pioneers) met 10.000 vnđ
37 Gel Insulation Tubing (60 × 40 Sino Gel) met 32.000 vnđ
38 Electrical tape Cuộn 5.000 vnđ
39 Cost of Wall-buried wall insulation buried met 40.000 ₫
40 Cracking the wall of the drain pipe, wire met 15.000 vnđ
41 Plumbing on the ceiling (plaster, ceiling drop ...) met 20.000 vnđ
42 For the case of using the ladder, the installation will be charged 100,000 ₫
In case of scaffolding hire, the customer will pay the cost of renting this scaffold
Note: To ensure the benefits, customers carefully check the product when handed over, and please write down the information above.
If you have any questions please contact us at the telephone number Hotline: 0904 53 82 83
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   Central air-conditioning installation services, industrial air conditioning:

Center and Industry Air Conditioner Installation Service

Industry Air Conditioner Installation Service

      Central air conditioning, also known as industrial air conditioning. This large-size air conditioning system is often used by companies, center and corporations to cool and air-condition the company or building.

      This is a system that is much more complicated than the air conditioner. In the early days of the establishment, the refrigeration engineering center of Sudiho provided installation, repair and maintenance services for central air conditioning units. in the city of Hanoi. At the same time, technicians of the Sudiho Refrigeration Center were sent to winter training and study at air conditioning manufacturers to supplement their knowledge of technology and repair skills for the summer. when they return to Vietnam.

      In addition to the installation, repair and maintenance services of industrial air conditioners, we also provide the optimal installation solution for buildings and companies to help the central air conditioning system achieve good condition. The most energy efficient operation.

      You are the manager of buildings, centers or units that use central air conditioning or industrial air conditioning systems and are having problems with that system, please contact Sudiho Refrigeration Engineering Center For best installation, repair and maintenance advice. We always provide service quotation invoices that we provide.

      Please contact the Hotline: 0904 53 82 83 of the technical center of refrigeration Sudiho for consultation and detailed installation, repair and maintenance quotation.

Sudiho Refrigeration Technique Center

For more information, please contact:

Address: No. 401 Xuan Dinh, North Tu Liem, Hanoi

Hotline: 0904 53 82 83

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